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This firm's specialty is spherical  structures for any use, with the ability of being independent self-sustaining habitats. Spherical Structures is a diversified full-service building contractor. Offering the most affordable housing kits for the do-it-yourselfer or for turnkey custom homes . From consultation to engineering and design of your building plans to the manufacturing and prefabrication of modular building kits.
Spherical Structures manufacturers single-family homes, condominium units, multi-family homes and commercial structures. We take pride in the quality of the components which have been selected to be included in our buildings.
Spherical Structures main goal and inspiration is to build a better way of life with the use of modern materials and innovative designs. Spherical Structures continues to design and build affordable housing for as many people as possible and believes each family deserves the opportunity to participate in home ownership.
Geodesic Steel T-Bar Domes
Spherical Geodesic Structures T-bar frame kits are 20' and 25' diameter with 12' high ceilings. This is the smallest of our Dome Kits at 800 square feet of floor space. The size of most one bedroom apartments or large two car garage.

We use 4 frequency icosahedrons geodesic frame because they are flat at the hemisphere or foundation. These structures are steel T-bar ceiling grid and rigid insulation board cut in triangles to match the five different triangles. They can be covered on the outside with synthetic stucco or elastomeric roofing paint. You can purchase these products at most any hardware store or drywall supply. The total cost for materials is 1000$ to 1500$ depending on your options.
You will need a drill or screw gun to screw the frame together. A pair of tin snip scissors to cut the light gauge steel T-bar ceiling grid. A sharp steak knife to cut the rigid foam insulation board and a paint roller with 6' handle for the roofing material.
The floor system can be built of concrete, wood or steel and should cost about 500$ for any option of materials.
Any glass shop will cut your triangle windows or you can cut them yourself from clear plastic sheets.
If you would like the T-bar cut and lettered and the insulation foam cut and lettered and packaged for delivery there will be a manufacturing cost of 1500$ (all the instruction will come with the package).
You can not build an insulated structure with finished interior and exterior in any shape for less. You can not use better materials than steel, rigid foam and synthetic paints.
Please look at the Spherical Structures .com websites and find a picture or ideas you like and we can discuss your needs in greater detail.
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Free Dome Kits - Your introduction to dome building - Low cost housing
This is our not for profit organization dome kit. We will send you all the diagrams, pictures and measurements to build your spherical geodesic structure for free. This is the most affordable prefab housing kit available in any shape with finished interior and exterior insulated panels.
If you need a floor system prefabricated for your geodesic structure from wood or steel this would be a cost of 500$ labor.
Steel & Wood Geodesic Dome Kit Prices
The advantages of using light gauge steel is becoming more apparent every day in the residential hosing industry. Spherical Structures has been involved with the commercial steel stud industry for over thirty years. High occupancy commercial structures have required the use of light gauge steel studs over wood do to their fire rating, structural integrity over their life and pest resistance. Screws have always been a superior connection over nails and coated steel and screws are not susceptible to moisture, rust or mold. The price of wood has continued to rise as the quality has become poorer. The light gauge steel does not warp or twist so there is less waste. Steel studs are lighter and less labor intensive than wood. For these reasons Spherical Structures can offer the same prefab spherical and geodesic housing kits it has offered in wood for the same price.
Spherical Geodesic Structures continues to offer superior engineering design and lighter more user friendly construction methods. Both the wood and steel connections have the compound angles cut which is more time consuming to manufacture, but offers a stronger and more accurate connection to nail or screw the shear panel (plywood) as well. Proper nailing or screwing of the plywood shear panel is the most important part of any wood structure, dome or rectangular. In the areas were building codes are enforced the inspectors check for proper nailing or screwing. Less screws are require than nails do to superior holding power. For this reason Spherical Geodesic Structures NEVER uses OSB or particle board plywood on the exterior of their geodesic dome structures.
Spherical Geodesic Structures continues to use the 4 frequency icosahedrons geometry for all its geodesic dome structures. The higher frequency is inherently stronger on domes over forty feet in diameter. There is a great circle or horizontal level line at the hemisphere which makes the connection to the foundation easier and stronger. The national building code requires a 6" wall space for R-19 fiberglass insulation. We recommend spray-on foam for our wood domes to create a higher R-value, moisture barrier and added structural strength at the same cost as fiberglass batt insulation. Our steel dome kits come with rigid foam insulation with an R-value of 25 or higher.
The 30' diameter 4 frequency dome has triangles under 4' tall. The plywood is easy to cut and you need very short pieces of additional backing to fill in your triangles. There are 5 different triangle shapes. You can save some money if you cut the triangles and small backing  yourself.
2x6 geodesic wood frame -5,800$ - plywood backing - 1,600 - 5/8 plywood triangles - 4,200$
The 40' diameter 4 frequency dome has triangles 5' tall and proper backing is more critical than the 30' dome. This is the most popular size with 1200 sq ft on the bottom floor and 1100 sq ft on the second floor. One of the big advantages to the dome truss is there is no wasted attic space in a dome structure.
2x6 wood frame with interior plywood backing - 8,200$ - 3/4" plywood triangles - 5,300$
The 50' 4 frequency dome has the horizontal  second level triangles coming across above door and window headers heights and the use of the ten sided option that is popular on the smaller domes is not usually requested. With 25' high ceilings and a total of 3500 sq ft we are starting to reach the limit of wood constructed dome structures.
2x6 wood geodesic frame and plywood backing - 10,750$ - 3/4" plywood triangles - 10,800$
The 60' 4 frequency geodesic dome should be made of steel. The  wood struts and connections are losing their structural abilities to carry the load. The 4x8 sheets of plywood no longer reaches all three sides of the triangle. This is where our steel frames are superior. With 30' high ceilings 3 to 4 floors are possible and 5000 to 6000 sq ft.
8" steel I-beam geodesic dome truss - 32,000$ - 3/4" exterior plywood sheathing -15,000$
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